Heliski Classic

Main advantage: You create your Heliski pack according to the number of runs you would like to do. The price depends on the number of runs.

  1. Skiing in small groups, 4 people maximum.
  2. A qualified and experienced mountain guide leads each group.
  3. We accommodate a maximum of 3 groups.
  4. The helicopter will transport the 3 groups alternately.
  5. We provide each participant with all the necessary safety equipment (ABS backpack, Evo4 - beacon transceiver, shovel and probe)

Daily rate

Prices are per person based on a full group of 4 people.

From the sixth descent, the additional rotation is 80 €.

These prices include:

  • Your heliskiing package.
  • Services of a Mountain Guide.
  • Safety equipment: ABS (Avalanche Balloon System, Backpack, Shovel, Probe, Avalanche transceiver) 

Not included in these prices:

  • Skis.
  • Accommodation & meals.
  • Transfers.


To sign up, it is preferable to make a group of 4, but you can also book your seat individually. In that case, we will try to fill the group with other people.


In case of cancellation due to bad weather we offer our clients the possibility to change the date or we will issue a full refund.

Chronology of a trip

9:00h. Office. Safety briefing.

  1. We inform you about the practice of Heli-skiing and its safety rules.
  2. We hand you the safety equipment: ABS backpacks, Evo4 transceiver, shovel and probe.
  3. We inform you of the snow conditions and plan the trip together depending on the type of skiing you want to do.

9:45h. Heliport. Helicopter briefing and practice with the Evo4 transceiver.

  1. Explanation of safety concerning the helicopter ride (how to get on and off without risk).
  2. Search and rescue training with the Evo4 transceiver.

10:30h. Departure

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