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A professional team ... Customized service ... 10 Years’ experience ... All there for you, to enjoy a unique heliski!

The Val d'Aran offers over 400 km2 skiable terrain, at 3,000 to 1,500 meters altitude, without any landing restriction points. Therefore, it offers endless possibilities (over 120 runs), distributed in five areas, making it possible to adapt our trips to conditions and to all kind of skier’s requirements.

Our philosophy

Our main objective is that you really enjoy the project you decide to achieve with us. To make this happen there is a lot of hidden work, which can be summarized as follows: choose the best locations and the most suitable terrain, so you can ride with safety discovering new places.

Guarantee! In case of cancellation due to bad weather we offer our clients the possibility to change the date or we will issue a full refund.


In addition, every day we monitor the snow conditions, so we know what to expect in each area. Once the activity is over all the guides meet to share information on the conditions they found and study the best options for the next day. It’s a teamwork aimed at making you ride the sectors with the best conditions.

Safety equipment

Each rider is equipped with:

Helicopters used for heli-skiing are Eurocopters B3 (AS350B3): an aircraft that has proven to be ideal for this activity with a capacity of 5 passengers (4 riders + 1 guide). It is the only aircraft capable of landing on summits such as Everest.

During all the season we are in relation with LAUEGI (Centre of Avalanches of Val d’ Aran). Their work is to make the snow profiles and give the information regarding the stability. The centre participates in the daily avalanche bulletin preparation. Their information aloud us to know the evolution during the last hours.

In case of accident and depending on the severity, we have a direct link with the rescue team of Val d’Aran (GRAE Pòmpiers Val d'Aran), that allows a fast evacuation due to the availability of our helicopter.

Mapa Val d'Aran



The fastest way to get to Val d'Aran is flying to Tarbes or Toulouse.
Val d'Aran is 1h30 / 2h00 from these two French airports. From Barcelona, the drive takes around 4h00.

Transfer by Helicopter

From your arrival at the airport, you can have a fast and comfortable helicopter transfer with all the security to your final destination.

By car

The Val d'Aran is located at:

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