What kind of skis or snowboard should I bring?

It is preferable to use wide skis (minimum 90mm wide) to increase floatation on powder snow. Snowboarders should choose a long and wide board to avoid getting stuck.

What ski level is recommended for Heliski?

It´s not necessary to be a good skier in order to do heliski. If you know how to turn keeping your skis parallel, you can do heliski. Over and above, so that you can enjoy and make the most of you heliski experience, it is preferable you are in good physical condition.

How many people can the helicopter transport?

The helicopter can carry a maximum of 6 persons: the pilot, the guide, plus 4 persons. So it is preferable to form a group of 4 people, but you also book your seat individually. A certified guide leads each group.

What is the average vertical drop of a run?

The average vertical drop of the runs is approximately 700m. The runs can vary from 600 and 1,000 meters vertical drop.

What possibilities does heliskiing in the Val d'Aran offer?

The Val d'Aran offers over 400-km2 skiable terrains, at 3,000 to 1,500 meters altitude, without any landing restriction points. Therefore, it offers endless possibilities over 120 runs, distributed in five areas, making it possible to adapt our trips to conditions and to all kind of skier’s requirements.

How much vertical drop can you ski in 1 day?

For a group in good physical condition and with good off-piste skiing technique, it is possible to do up to 12/13 rotations in one day that would be around of 8,500/9,500 meters vertical drop.

How many minutes does the flight to the first runs take?

The first descents are very close to the heliport, it takes roughly 4 or 5 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.

When is the best moment of the season to heliski in Val d'Aran?

We could say we have two seasons: the cold season, which is from December to the end of February, then from March to April we enjoy spring snow conditions. The season can starts early in December and usually ends late April.

Where is the nearest airport?

The fastest way to get to Val d'Aran is flying to Tarbes or Toulouse. Val d'Aran is 1.30- 2.00h from these two French airports. From Barcelona, the drive takes around 4h 30min.

Helicopters and pilots: Frequently Asked Questions

What helicopter company do you work with?

We work with TAF Helicopters which was originally an aviation operator founded in 1959. It currently has more than 200,000 flight hours registered. In addition, since 2009, it is involved in heli-skiing, with more than 400 hours of flight all with the highest standards of quality and safety. Furthermore, TAF Helicopters is the only Spanish company that has the AE31, a specific authorization needed to do Heli-skiing. During all these years, many institutions both public and private, have trusted TAF helicopters to prepare different kinds of operations and for the maintenance of helicopters: Emergency Operation Services, civil protection, sanitation services, industry technical support, measurements of snow, air taxis, heliski, broadcasts, films...

In what kind of helicopter do you fly?

Helicopters used for heli-skiing are Eurocopters B3 (AS350B3): an aircraft that has proven to be ideal for this activity. It is the only aircraft capable of landing on summits such as Everest.

How many helicopters are at the base?

There are 2 helicopters, because if something unexpected happens to any of them, the other one is always available.

Who are the pilots?

Heliskiing pilots have a minimum of 2,000 flight hours. They have completed a specific course that enables them to fly in mountainous terrain and they know the mountains where we work perfectly.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the helicopters?

Eurocopter Company is responsible for the maintenance of the entire fleet of TAF Helicopters. That way we ensure a comprehensive quality service.