A mountain guide is above all passionate.

Our profession revolves around sharing our knowledge of the mountains and the different techniques needed to undertake alpine activities.

But going with a guide is above all a desire for the mountains, for adventure.... It’s born out of a meeting, a story, a look, a dream...

This guide could be in front or at your side, always watching over your steps, and helping you to go further not only in the physical sense but also in the level of trust you have in those sharing the experience with you.

Going with a guide is a uniquely intense and timeless moment where happiness, individual adventure and shared enjoyment mix.

Created in 2015, the Vald’Aran guide company is a group of mountain professionals.

In winter

our main activities are:

In summer

the activities are also varied:

Whether it’s to get the first taste of a mountain activity or to plan a more difficult route, don’t hesitate to get in touch... Together we’ll make your dreams come true.

Come with us... the adventure is out there!

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