With the helicopter you will avoid the long distances at the bottom of the valley, which tend to be tough. You won't have to tour for kilometres over flat terrain before getting to the interesting areas.

  You can access very remote areas where no one goes. The helicopter takes you quickly and we return, which really gives us many possibilities on what to do during the activity.

  When conditions are complicated, it is much easier to find an area with good snow. With a very short flight and the Guide Val d'Aran team's knowledge, you can get to beautiful, wild places with excellent snow.

  Even without a lot of experience or an extraordinary physical condition, you'll enjoy the activity. We will adapt the trip to the participant's physical condition and the helicopter will leave us in an optimum area to ski tour on the best snow.


Heli touring

Prices per person based on a 4 people group

1 heli touring day 195€

Includes 10 minutes flight

Each additional flight minute 30 €
  • Your heliskiing package
  • Services of a Mountain Guide UIAGM or AEGM
  • Safety equipment: ABS (Avalanche Balloon System) Backpack, Avalanche transceiver, Shovel and Probe 
  • Skis
  • Accommodation & meals
  • Transfers



Yes, all activities include accident and civil liability insurance. The insurance will only have coverage during the development of the activity, not during the rest of the day or during transfers. It is also advisable to have the mountain federation insurance.
The helicopter can carry a maximum of 6 persons: the pilot, the guide, plus 4 persons. So it is preferable to form a group of 4 people, but you also book your seat individually. A certified guide leads each group.
We could say we have two seasons: the cold season, which is from December to the end of February, then from March to April we enjoy spring snow conditions. The season can starts early in December and usually ends late April.

FAQ – Helicopters & Pilots

We work with Habock Aviation Group, a holding comprised by companies like TAF Helicopters. TAF was originally an aviation operator founded in 1959. It currently has more than 200,000 flight hours registered. In addition, since 2009, it is involved in heli-skiing, with more than 400 hours of flight all with the highest standards of quality and safety. Furthermore, TAF Helicopters is the only Spanish company that has the AE31, a specific authorization needed to do Heli-skiing. During all these years, many institutions both public and private, have trusted TAF helicopters to prepare different kinds of operations and for the maintenance of helicopters: Emergency Operation Services, civil protection, sanitation services, industry technical support, measurements of snow, air taxis, heliski, broadcasts, films...
Helicopters used for heli-skiing are H125, previously named Eurocopters B3 (AS350B3): an aircraft that has proven to be ideal for this activity. It is the only aircraft capable of landing on Everest summit, as stated in the Guinness World Records.
There is only one helicopter, but in case of emergency, or if needed, we can have access to another one in less than 2 hours, coming from the air base in Sabadell.
Heliskiing pilots have a minimum of 5,000 flight hours. They have completed a specific course that enables them to fly in mountainous terrain, a heliskiing course and their annual trainings required by AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea). Moreover, they know the mountains where we work perfectly.
HSS (Habock Service & Support) is responsible for the maintenance of the entire fleet of Habock Aviation Group. That way we ensure a comprehensive quality service.

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