Our Vision - Guide Val d’Aran


The company Guide Val d'Aran is formed by highly qualified mountain professionals. We are in love with the mountains and we want to share it.

   We believe mountains mean experiences, emotions, adrenaline and connection. We like sharing our passion, always with safety and confidence. 

   We are life lovers: there is nothing better than powder snow, a thick steak and great wine. This is why we appreciate so much Val d'Aran's authenticity.

   We want to help you fulfill your dreams.

Our Base Camp

Our workplaces are those that stand out for their mountain ranges, both in Europe (Pyrenees, Alps) and Asia (Himalaya, Kamchatka Peninsula), not to mention America (Canada, Argentina, Chile and Peru). Of all these places, we chose this extraordinary valley and the Pyrenees Mountains to set up our headquarters for Guide Val d'Aran.


Our Team - Committed and adventurous people

Miriam Marco

AEGM* Mountain Guide

Miriam's story lies in her strength, courage, determination and comradeship, as well as in large doses of friendship and trust. Expeditions, trips and prizes, but also very difficult moments in the mountains, along with her on going development always in the same direction, have made Miriam passionate to share her great little world, her great knowledge of the environment and good work.

*AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides)

David Sanabria

UIAGM* Mountain Guide

David is a discreet person, a lover of the mountains of the Val d'Aran. He is one of those people, who with few words say a lot. Once you are in the mountain with him, one can discover another side of his personality, the guide… A person with a passionate personality, willing to share his experience and make you discover the secret corners of the valley.

*UIAGM (Union International Association Guide Mountain)

Lionel Philippe

UIAGM* Mountain Guide

Lionel discovered the mountain for what it transmits. The pleasure or the discovery of what you breathe in, when you're in the mountains... From admiring a peak and trying to climb it, to living in a small town, where, day after day makes going to cut wood something normal.

*UIAGM (Union International Association Guide Mountain)
*ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme)

Iraitz Ezkergain

AEGM* Mountain Guide

Iraitz made the mountains his temple, where he finds the well-being, freedom and self-awareness, religion almost forgotten. He likes to share and teach to feel the silence and power of nature. La Grave, Norway, Val d'Aran ... Places where he has lived for years; the truth is Iraitz does not hesitate to use the excuse of skiing to know different countries and cultures.

*AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides)

Clara Gibert

Business Administration

Clara changed Barcelona for Val d'Aran, and now she feels in her habitat: the mountains. If you don't find her in the office organizing activities, trips and events, she will most probably be in the mountains skiing, running or climbing. Her academic background, experience and willingness to work complement Guide Val d'Aran's team to offer the best service to our clients. She is also a ski instructor and a mountain guide.

International Business Economics
Ski instructor
Mountain Guide

Sidarta Gallego

UIAGM* Mountain Guide and Canyoning Guide

Sidarta grew up surrounded by mountains and walls, in a wild environment, and from a young age his passion was clear: from floating on snowflakes with skis and climbing vertical ice waterfalls during winter, to sliding through fun slides while canyoning and climb walls during summer. During his numerous expeditions and trips, he has opened a multitude of climbing routes around the world.

*UIAGM (Union International Association Guide Mountain)
Canyoning Gudie