Mountain Guide Company


 Registration: Hiring any activity will mean having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. To contract the service, a deposit of 30% of the amount must be paid by bank transfer within 7 days of the date on which the activity is to be carried out. The total amount will be paid before doing the activity.

 Insurance: The hired activities have accident and civil liability insurance, but they will only have coverage during the development of the activity, not during the rest of the day or during transfers. It is also advisable to have a mountain federation insurance.

 Cancellation: Activities in mountains and canyons are subject to weather conditions, and may be cause for modification and even cancellation of the activity if the guide deems it necessary. The guide reserves the right to change or cancel the activity, dates or place of the activity, depending on the weather, the conditions of the terrain or the participants. In case of cancellation by the client, and if the activity is cancelled less than 48h in advance except for a major reason, the deposit will not be refunded.

 Responsibility: The activities carried out in the mountain can carry some implicit risk. Hiring the service of a professional guide means minimizing it, it means leaving the decision to be taken under his/her criteria, being he/she responsible for the group during the development of the activity, but you must know that zero risk does not exist. The guide is exempt from all responsibility of those people who do not follow the guidelines or act with negligence, as well as if they are under the effects of any narcotic or medication during the development of the hired activity. Participants have the obligation to communicate if they suffer from any illness that may condition their safety and/or their own life, or from the rest of the group, such as having asthma, diabetes, heart problems, etc., if they have had a recent operation, or if in pregnant state in the case of women.

 The guide's service:

  • Includes:
    • Guidance or training service during courses.
    • Collective technical equipment for mountain activities, and individual technical equipment in the case of canyoning.
    • Logistics and management necessary to carry out the activity.
  • Does not include (unless otherwise indicated):
    • Accommodation, whether it is in towns or in mountain shelters, will be borne by the participants. The guide’s accommodation will be shared among the participants in the case of staying overnight in shelters or in stays outside the place of habitual residence.
    • Meals are not included in the price. In the case of overnight stays in shelters or stays outside the place of habitual residence, the guide's allowance will also be shared among the participants.
    • Individual equipment, except in the case of canyoning technical material. In no case is equipment such as mountain clothes, skis, helmet, sunscreen, etc. included. If you do not have the necessary individual equipment, we can help and advise you to get it.
    • Transfers to the place where the activity takes place.

Trips and Stays

In accordance with current regulations on the sale of all-inclusive trips, this stay is marketed with the help of a travel agency.


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 Inscripción: Registrarse

 Registration: Registering in one of our trips implies your total acceptance of our general and particular conditions of sale. Your request must be made using the registration form that must be completed and signed before delivering to OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND, together with a deposit of 35% of the trip’s total amount. The receipt of this deposit implies the reservation within the available places (a place can be blocked by phone during 48 hours while waiting for the reception of your reservation). You will be sent an invoice within 10 days after enrollment. The remaining amount must be paid 45 days before the departure date. If the balance of the trip is not received on the requested date, OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND reserves the right to cancel the reservation without compensation. In case of registration during the month prior to departure, you will be asked for the total amount of the trip. For any registration within 15 days of departure, we will request payment by credit card or cash.

 Formalities: You are required to comply with the policy and health regulations at all times during the trip. In no case, OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND may replace your individual responsibility to obtain all the paperwork prior to departure (passport, visa, vaccination book, ...) and during the entire trip, including the customs formalities of the country that regulates the export of objects. All practical information delivered after registration is provided for informational purposes only, and cannot compromise our responsibility. Failure to comply with these rules, the impossibility of presenting the required documents on the day of departure, or any delay (even as a result of a case of force majeure during air, rail or land transportation of which we are not suppliers), implies your exclusive liability and the costs will be incurred by you.

 Insurance: OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND is insured under professional civil liability with CATALANA OCCIDENTE. However, OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND cannot replace the individual civil liability that each participant must have. In addition, it is essential to be covered by a multi-risk insurance: cancellation expenses, assistance and repatriation during the trip, medical expenses, luggage theft, etc. OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND offers the possibility to all participants to subscribe at the time of registration to a multi-risk contract with INTERMUNDIAL insurance company. A copy of the general conditions of this insurance will be sent to each participant who has subscribed (attached with the invoice). This multi-risk insurance can cover cancellation (see specific conditions in the contract), loss, theft or damage to luggage; assistance, research costs, repatriation and medical expenses abroad, individual civil liability. We strongly recommend the purchase of this insurance. It has been specially studied to adapt to the conditions of the trips we offer. If you do not subscribe to this insurance, we will ask you for a disclaimer and the guarantees of your personal insurance prior to departure. We will also need your full contact information so that we can act in case of emergency. In the event that your personal assistance contract does not include sufficient guarantees to intervene, we are obliged to request our own assistance, and you are -in this case- obliged to assume all the expenses. In any case, remember to carry with you during all the trip a copy of our contract (or, if applicable, the details of your personal insurance), as you are responsible of informing the insurance company of any incident (our local partners will help in this process).

 Cancellation: In case of cancellation on your part (for any reason) more than 45 days before departure, the amount paid as deposit will be refunded except a retention of seventy-five euros (75 euros) per person, which cannot be covered by cancellation insurance. Cancellations from 45 days before your departure, will not be refunded. Failure to show up on the day of departure for any reason does not entitle you to any refund. Any trip interrupted or shortened by the participant for any reason, does not give rise to any refund.

 Air transport: OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND is not responsible for the booking and purchase of airline tickets or any additional charges of transfers between your home and the departure airport. We recommend that you do not buy non-refundable or non-modifiable tickets, and avoid important appointments the day before or after your trip.

 Luggage: During air flights, your baggage is under the airline responsibility. Any incident during these transfers must be handled directly between the client and the carrier. For the rest of the trip, your luggage remains at your own risk.

 Responsibility: OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND, which acts as an intermediary between the client and the service providers (guides, carriers, hoteliers, charterers, ...), should not be confused with the latter, who always bear their own responsibility. In case of unforeseen events or imperious circumstances that imply the safety of the trip and its participants, OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND reserves the right, before departure, during the trip, directly or through its guides, to modify schedules or planned routes without the client having any possibility to claim any compensation. Each participant must be aware that they can take risks of any kind due to local conditions (distance from medical centers, lack of means of communication, poor conditions of certain infrastructures, ...). The participant assumes them in his name and on behalf of his beneficiaries, with full knowledge of the facts, and undertakes not to blame the organizer OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND. A good physical condition and predisposition to a good coexistence are essential assets to achieve the type of trips we offer. OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND reserves the right to expel from the group, at any time, a person whose behavior may be considered a danger to the safety of the group or to the welfare of the participants. No compensation will be paid.