Terradets - The longest walls

Multi-pitch climbing in the walls of Terradets, a limestone wall of 400m with great rock, located in the Pre-Pyrenees, Catalunya. Close to Terradets you will find many other famous limestone walls, like Vilanova de Meià, Roca Regina or Montrebei.


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Participants: 1-2 people, depending on the activity
  • Physical level: good / very good
  • Technical difficulty: medium / difficult


  • Amanita moscata (270 m, 6a+), Terradets
  • Vía del Alba (240 m, 6a), Terradets
  • Reina Puig (530 m, V+/Ae), Terradets
  • Gali-Molero (500 m, V+/Ae), Roca Regina
  • Montse Pueyo (230 m, 6a+), Vilanova de Meia
  • Lleida (210 m, 6b o V+/Ae), Vilanova de Meia
  • Diedro gris (410 m, 6a+), Montrebei, paret de Catalunya
  • CADE (550 m, 6c o 6a/A0), Montrebei, pared de Aragón
  • Vía del Marquitos (275 m, 6a+), Montrebei, pared de Aragón

  Each wall has a different ambience; there are walls close to the parking lot with very equipped climbing routes like Terradets; and more adventurous walls in a wild environment, like Montrebei. 




Price per person

1 person 295€
2 people 150€
  • Mountain Guide all days
  • Accident and civil liability insurance
  • Common equipment: ropes, carabiners, …
  • Personal equipment: climbing shoes, harness, cordelette
  • Transfers to the activity's starting place 
  • Accommodation, transfers and food during the activity


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